Well, there’s no such metaphysics in the Bible except in the sense that you can find whatever you like in poetry. Exod.3:14 is a great example of that. The more obvious interpretation is that God was dancing around his decision not to tell Moses his true name, just as God didn’t show Moses his face but only his backside (33:18–23). There’s a gulf between poetic scripture and philosophical reasoning.

I don’t think your “analogy” is helpful for monotheistic purposes. Indeed, you’re appealing to something like Spinoza’s monism. You’re saying God is personal because personal qualities — like everything else under the sun — derive from God. So God would be as much personal as he’d be reptilian and plant-like and stony and wet and hot and cold and everything else. This is the difference between what Spinoza called God’s substance and his attributes.

But whatever abstruse philosophical distinctions you’d want to appeal to, they’d only be distractions from the fact that your belief in the God of the philosophers is consistent with atheism. Being a person isn’t the same as being a source of personal qualities; rather, being a person is the having of those qualities. The sun caused our planet to form, which in turn gave rise to life. Does that mean the sun is a person because it caused personal qualities eventually to come into being? That’s a sophistical word game.

Is your God a person or not? If so, good luck making your God the same as the Absolute, as the Substance or the “God” of the philosophers which is only a deistic placeholder on the way to atheism.

And God is “self-subsistent” (self-sufficient?) and doesn’t need to create, yet he creates a world that stands apart from him? That’s another conflict between the exoteric, folk conception of God and the sophisticated, mystical, virtually-atheistic conception. There’s no getting around those conflicts and I talk a lot about them in those articles I referred you to.

Knowledge condemns. Art redeems. I learned that as an artistic writer who did a doctorate in philosophy. We should try to see the dark comedy in all things.

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