Well, there are some differences in kind. Trump had zero experience as a politician before he ran, so he was a genuine outsider before he became president. Also, Trump's personality disorders are at a far higher magnitude. The narcissism and near-solipsism are different than the garden-variety egoism or sociopathy you find in political or business circles. That's partly due to Trump old age, which is also unusual in a president: Trump's disorders have gone untreated for a longer time.

Moreover, few other presidents turn their party into a cult, driving out the moderates and not even pretending to care about, let alone govern the entire country. Few other presidents profess their love for dictators and are in the pocket of a foreign adversary to the point of going to war with their own military and intelligence agencies. Few other presidents call or treat the free press as the enemy of the people.

Few other presidents turn their government into a transparent business to enrich themselves, installing incompetents and acting members just to retain their loyalty, and running the government like their shady, unsustainable business empire.

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