The presumption that all our deepest beliefs should be settled strictly by reason (logic and scientific experimentation) is what begs the question against the mystical aspect of religion (and of philosophy and art). The result is philistinism, scientism, and neoliberal technocracy.

I agree that the religions of exoteric theists are based largely on fear of natural reality. I maintain that modern secular culture and the thrust of civilization since the Neolithic amount to a comparable flight from that same reality: we build artificial worlds to blot out the natural wilderness, since the godlessness of the latter is the source of life's absurdity and tragedy. All of which is revealed by an existential perspective which new atheists and secular humanists often lack.

I'm not clear what you're saying in the middle of your comment. Are you asking whether I've personally been an atheist or are you speaking about people in general? For the record, I've always been an atheist.

I constantly write about my philosophical ideas. If many are recurring, that's because my worldview is coherent. But the record indicates I'm not obsessed with any particular idea, since my output is obviously pretty wide-ranging. Just look through the titles on Medium or have a look at the following comprehensive, categorized list (link below).

I write on morality, politics, history, popular culture, mental health, cognitive science, and philosophy in addition to religion. So your parting ad hominem is baseless.

However, I am indeed disturbed by the bloodlessness of science-centered atheism which tends to feed into technocratic neoliberalism. I'm with Nietzsche and the other existentialists on the need for a worthy, hypermodern myth, vision, and spiritual/existential depth of character.

Knowledge condemns. Art redeems. I learned that as an artistic writer who did a doctorate in philosophy. We should try to see the dark comedy in all things.

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