That idea that we’re supernatural beings who wear physical bodies as our avatars to play in a virtual realm (maya in samsara) comes from Hinduism. I wrote a more pessimistic take on it which might interest you, called “The Nightmare of God” (link below).

It’s interesting that both upbeat, compassionate, happy or tranquil optimists, on the one hand, and melancholy, disgusted, introverted, anxious pessimists, on the other, can both reject conventional, received or exoteric wisdom, but still have philosophical disagreements. It may be like looking at the same thing through different filters or perspectives. See for example my article, “Happiness is for Sheep,” to get another idea where I’m coming from.

That’s not to say I’m wholly negative. I agree we can overcome the mass frauds and delusions, but I think the best we can hope for is tragic honour or perhaps a period of transhuman technological supremacy, not an absolute defeat of darkness by light.

But I’m glad you’re out there trying to wake people up.

Knowledge condemns. Art redeems. I learned that as an artistic writer who did a doctorate in philosophy. We should try to see the dark comedy in all things.

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