Some patterns are objective and some are subjective. We’re experts at finding patterns, including ones that aren’t there, as in the cases of apophenia and pareidolia. The objective patterns are natural regularities which can be probable or necessary.

When I say natural patterns are present for no good reason, I’m suggesting the trajectory of cosmic evolution is detrimental to everything we care about, especially to us and to intelligent life in general. The point is that nature’s indifference, neutrality, and amorality are in some ways worse than evil, since the former can’t be reasoned with but only, at best, overpowered. If there’s no chance of altering the destructive course of the universe or of preventing our death, then whatever scientific reason corresponds to the objective pattern that’s unfolding makes a mockery of our values. The objective reasons given for why nature is as it is undermine the values we assign to make sense of patterns and to feel better about them. Objectivity becomes a curse and knowledge is detrimental to the pursuit of happiness. That’s what I was getting at.

If my philosophical message looks sometimes like an affliction, like Cain’s introduction of grievous sin into the world, I’d say we shouldn’t shoot the messenger. I write what seems true and I don’t sell out. The most popular messages on Medium and elsewhere, about how to start a business, how to be happy or to attract a mate, or what cool new gadgets are coming onto the market operate at the level of shared hallucinations, otherwise known as “social conventions.” Philosophers see beyond those and are rightfully shunned or even persecuted by mass society, since philosophy entails the folly of all mainstream endeavours in light of the greater world’s horror and absurdity.

As for entheogens, I’ve actually written about how they’re at the origin of religions, going back as early as 2012 on my blog (where I wrote for nine years before switching to Medium). The titles might interest you: “The Psychedelic Basis of Theism,” “Entheogen: the Source, Substance, and Bane of Religions,” “Awake while Sleeping: DMT and Paradoxical Consciousness,” “The Psychedelic Memory of our Divinity,” and “The Strangeness of Ultimate Truth.”

I’m writing another one at the moment, in response to the discovery of cannabis resin in an ancient Jewish temple (see the last link).

Knowledge condemns. Art redeems. I learned that as an artistic writer who did a doctorate in philosophy. We should try to see the dark comedy in all things.

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