Lovecraft's weird stories are filled with symbols and myths to illustrate his science-based nihilistic philosophy. I could write something more directly on cosmicist philosophy. I did so a lot on my older blog.

You seem quite frustrated. Can you imagine how frustrated I was having to decipher your cryptic, evasive remarks? I write with clarity and precision. I say bluntly what I think. I wish you'd grappled more directly with the questions I was putting to you. That would have made for an even more engaging conversation.

So there's no higher state of mind, you say. Good, so unenlightened sufferers have nothing to learn from Buddhists, Hindus, or any other so-called enlightened people. All states of mind are equally fine. That's good to know.

But now you'll clarify by saying that all mental states are part of the illusion, and only the underlying oneness of empty consciousness is real. So pedantically you distinguish between mind and consciousness, whereupon my question resurfaces as that of why the contents of that underlying state of consciousness should be marked by tranquility and contentment rather than horror, disgust, or angst.

You're not a metaphysical monist? Don't you think consciousness underlies all phenomena? And is there one primordial subject of consciousness or two (or many)? You're a nondualist in that you think the oneness can be only negatively characterized, and positively experienced. And that's supposed to have nothing to do with mysticism?

Do you see the caginess I was talking about? You don't like labels, because you don't want to be trapped by rational arguments. You think you're beyond other people's understanding.

Knowledge condemns. Art redeems. I learned that as an artistic writer who did a doctorate in philosophy. We should try to see the dark comedy in all things.

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