Judging from your many other teeny-tiny baby comments (including “swamp aka gestapo left,” “You are filth. You are evil,” “Leftism is evil scum”), you’re obviously a simpleminded troll.

A word of advice: when trolling for Trump, it’s wise to disguise your inability to think critically, by at least pretending to care about something other than throw-away personal attacks. It’s too easy to dismiss your ad hominem spam if you don’t dress it up with more engagement with the articles you’re supposed to be responding to. You want to do more than just quote a bit and spew vile Trumpist rhetoric. Otherwise, you’re not an effective pawn in Trump’s cult.

To be sure, there is political evil in America, as I explain in “Trump, the Reality of Evil, and the Lesser Villainy of Democrats,” but if you read that article, you’ll see there’s a difference between personal attacks and arguments. I actually show with arguments that Trumpism is evil. I don’t just take the easy way out and call people names like a three-year-old.

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