I'm also interested in science fiction, but I don't have any special expertise to predict that kind of future. The most far-out scenarios floating around in popular culture tend not to come about or if they do it's almost coincidental. Such scenarios actually refer to the present by way of metaphor.

Assuming we deal with the danger we pose to the ecosystems, there would be no point in merging with technology unless we can solve the riddle of the brain and upgrade our cognitive capacities. Otherwise, our technological empowerment would be foolish since our primitive brains would be given enough rope to hang themselves. (That's what's happening now with consumerism.)

Understanding enough of the brain to know how to improve it, however, would remove the mystery of what it's like to be a person, which could prove devastating. Just ask the actors and other artists who can't watch or consume their work, because they know too much about how it was produced.

The mind of a transhuman intrigues me. I have an idea of sustainable, naturalistic enlightenment, which I've written about. It's based on an aesthetic reconstruction of morality and a pantheistic re-enchantment of nature. The question is how a virtually omnipotent species would experience the world. Power would likely corrupt them so to avoid destroying themselves, this species would have to be humbled by the horror of nature's absurdity (the existential side of this analysis).

Also humbling would be the aesthetic aspect of this species' objectivity. They would experience everything as a natural or an artificial creation. This would open up a Daoist, Spinozist, or some such pantheistic attitude toward the world. The artificial creations would be disgusted reactions to the horror of nature's mindless, zombie-like (godless) productivity. But natural processes would nevertheless have aesthetic and comedic properties.

Knowledge condemns. Art redeems. I learned that as an artistic writer who did a doctorate in philosophy. We should try to see the dark comedy in all things.

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