I think you're saying that ideologies and cognition in general are futile because everything is ultimately nothing.

On the contrary, metaphysical emergence is possible which lays the groundwork for the special sciences. The emergence (evolution and complexification) is, however, godless and therefore monstrous. The natural order is zombie-like in its absurd creativity. This isn't nothing at all, as in an objective, value-neutral foundation of being, but a universal behemoth that has a negative aesthetic value. Natural events unfold horrifically and as a virtual sick joke.

I don't know if this existential take is consistent with nihilism, but that's my pantheistic view.

Wokeism is non-gendered? Not a chance. Wokeism is passive-aggressive and hyperfeminine because it arises on the far left (although the right wing has its form of censorship too). American masculinity is concentrated on the right which is dominated by psychopathic alpha males.

My articles below explore these ideas further:



Knowledge condemns. Art redeems. I learned that as an artistic writer who did a doctorate in philosophy. We should try to see the dark comedy in all things.

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