I just suspect there’s something else going on with the Eastern Orthodox notion of miracle. If miracles are everywhere, they can’t imagine that miracles are violations of natural laws, since that would be contradictory. They must have in mind something more like a Jungian view of a meaningful coincidence.

Again, it’s suspicious that they think miracles are everywhere when they also have that view of theoria, of the importance of contemplating symbols of divinity to elevate and purify your mind. There’s a therapeutic aspect of this kind of Christianity which isn’t so paramount in Western Christianity. The Eastern view of miracles may fit into that.

Or many Eastern Orthodox and Catholic believers in these miracles may be old, under-educated, superstitious, and gullible. I doubt many of these believers have much higher education. If they do, they’re fooling themselves.

Knowledge condemns. Art redeems. I learned that as an artistic writer who did a doctorate in philosophy. We should try to see the dark comedy in all things.

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