Christians don't keep their egos in check. That's false humility. By personifying the "First Cause," the source of the natural universe, they project an image of themselves onto it, reducing the mystery to something as smallminded, tribal, patriarchal, bigoted, and conservative as them.

How bizarre that you keep saying I've "failed to consider" the claims of Christianity. I've written hundreds and hundreds of pages on that religion. I've debated hundreds of Christians over the last couple of decades. I studied the New Testament and the philosophy of religion in university. I've read lots of books on Christianity, including most of the Bible.

You just don't want to think anyone has a good reason for rejecting your angry, monstrous, small-minded god (the one that's obviously made in the image of Christians). You don't want to think that someone you spoke to, who doesn't seem to deserve to burn in hell forever, will find himself exactly there after he dies. But that's what you're stuck with, because of the small-minded literalism of your Christian sect.

You say pantheism, polytheism, and dualism have been tried and found lacking. Found lacking by whom, Christians? Why is the Christian's opinion worth more than anyone else's? Christian scriptures read like plagiarized blog rants compared to the philosophical depth of Eastern religious scriptures, let alone the writings of ancient Greek philosophers.

You talk about keeping your ego in check, yet your Medium persona, including your profile is about how you can explain the Bible to anyone (i.e. convert them to Christianity). You don't assume you have anything to learn from anyone else, because you've already converted and you don't need to know anything outside the Bible. That's the smallness of your worldview. My worldview encompasses yours, but yours doesn't encompass mine, because I understand Christianity far better than you understand philosophy, science, and history.

When you say "earnestly study the Bible," what you mean is the reader has to lobotomize himself to be able to stomach the absurdities and anachronisms in an Orwellian fashion, to fool himself into believing what he knows is preposterous and lame. That's how cults work.

You suggest I'm dismissing you by way of avoiding your religious claims. How could I be avoiding you? I debated you at length by email and posted the exchange on Medium. And here I am again, responding to you at length. Your view of what's happening here sounds scripted and disconnected from reality.

I'm familiar with some of the propagandists and apologists you refer to. They get it all wrong and they don't argue in good faith, especially McDowell and Strobel.

Knowledge condemns. Art redeems. I learned that as an artistic writer who did a doctorate in philosophy. We should try to see the dark comedy in all things.

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