But that’s a little facile, isn’t it? Christians think God uses even the devil to bring the divine plan to fruition. This is the difference between monotheism and Manichean dualism: for the monotheist, evil isn’t a real opponent of good, but only an illusory one. Ultimately, God uses evil as an instrument or as a step in his plan to bring about the triumph of the good. At least, this was the original, Zoroastrian idea behind monotheism. Hegel rediscovered process theology, so the Christian now can look for supernatural purpose behind any apparent calamity.

Mind you, this also makes monotheism a self-reinforcing delusion, as the Christian or Muslim can rationalize his hypocrisy, compromises, and betrayals by saying the end justifies the means. If the Christian cause is great enough, allegiance even with monstrous Trump may be justified.

Knowledge condemns. Art redeems. I learned that as an artistic writer who did a doctorate in philosophy. We should try to see the dark comedy in all things.

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