Biden has a record of four decades as a Democratic senator, so that's what the point about his centrism is based on, not just his recent speeches. Those speeches only confirm that he'll attempt to apply the same principles that worked for him as a senator. He's old and stuck in his ways, so it's extremely unlikely he'll take a radical shift in direction.

In some obvious ways a Biden presidency could only be far superior to a Trump one. I don't say the Democrats are as bad as the Republicans, but both parties fail in different ways and both have a characteristic brand of grotesqueness. Roughly speaking, Republicans fail in the toxically masculine (nakedly psychopathic) manner, while Democrats fail in a hyperfeminine one. Basically, Republicans are evil while Democrats are cowardly.

What annoys me is the overabundance of villainy and the dearth of heroism. I don't look to American politics for the solving of that country's problems and the improvement of its society. I look to that politics for the unfolding of a good story, and I'm annoyed by anticlimaxes.

Trump was far more entertaining than Democrats could hope to be, and that's potentially why many people voted for him, because they too are cynical and want their politicians to do them the courtesy of entertaining them while they're screwing them over for the sake of the emergent plutocracy. Democrats are liable only to bore the voters to death.

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