Are you sure you have any business speaking about rationality when your response to an article you read is pure ad hominem? Try again, without boring me with your fallacy.

The reason for the obsession in writing about Trump is that he’s a transformational and revelatory figure in American history. You can learn a lot about politics, sociology, and American culture from studying Trumpism.

The right-wing talk of “Trump-derangement syndrome,” to which you’re alluding, is a deflection to get critics to stop paying attention to the abominable dynamics at the root of Trump’s regime.

For example, Trump’s supporters are cultists. There is a full-on cult of personality that’s taken over the Republican Party under Trump. The cultists don’t want to admit that, just as no cult members admit to being brainwashed or defrauded, because doing so causes cognitive dissonance for them.

Therefore in this case, Trumpists demonize their accusers, pretending they suffer from an unhealthy obsession with Trump. Of course, this is the pot calling the kettle black, a technique Trumpists learn from their cult leader and idol who does this all the time: that which is currently and obviously diseased in American circles is hardly the critic of Trump, but Trump himself. There’s even a handy name for his disorder: malignant narcissism.

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