A Trove of My Philosophical Writings

An updated, categorized list of links to all my Medium articles

Benjamin Cain


Image by Pixabay, from Pexels

Here you can find any of my Medium articles at a glance. I’ve divided the series into categories and tried to order them logically, beginning each category with more general or primary writings or with ones that explore the historical background to the problems at issue. I’ve also tried to arrange the categories logically, starting with some of my more foundational writings, and ending with the social applications.

Just follow the links below, which are the categories that will take you to the lists of linked articles.

I started writing on Medium in late 2019, but my older writings, going back to 2011 can be found here.

God's Funeral

Secrets of Philosophy

The Absurdity of God

Christianity and Islam

Eastern Religions and Mysticism