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Here you can find any of my Medium articles at a glance. I’ve divided the series into categories and tried to order them logically, beginning each category with more general or primary writings or with ones that explore the historical background to the problems at issue. …

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Will our species end with a bang or with a whimper? Or will bureaucratic arrogance and inflexibility immure us, dividing us from natural reality so that our species will come to resemble a senile elderly person who’s no longer aware of how the world has passed him or her by?

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If you’re an atheist, ask yourself what it would take to convince you that Christians are onto something, that God and miracles exist, that Jesus really was God, that he rose from the grave, that the Bible is essentially correct, and that if we don’t trust in God’s plan, we’ll…

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If you’re interested in religion and in debates about God’s existence, chances are you’ve come across the allegation that atheism reduces to agnosticism or that atheists have no epistemic right to go beyond the stalemate of saying that God’s existential status is unknown.

Agnosticism is roughly the view that there’s…

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Rabbi Nir Menussi writes in “The Will to Disbelieve” that atheism is faith-based because atheists are so stubborn in resisting the overwhelming evidence for God’s existence as the universe’s creator.

Taking a page from existentialists like William James and Soren Kierkegaard, Menussi posits “the willful determination to turn a blind…

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Hail the few superstar content creators that lionize the audiences and the riches!

Bow before the gods and goddesses in your midst! Worship at the feet of Jake Paul, PewDiePie, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Drake, and Jessica Wildfire!

On YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Patreon, Substack, and Medium, only a tiny…

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One confusion about atheism is about whether atheism is a positive or a negative claim.

Theists say that atheists have a belief about God and don’t just lack confidence in theistic arguments. …

“Midnight Mass,” source: IMDb

Mike Flanagan’s third limited series for Netflix, Midnight Mass (2021), isn’t as scary as his masterful series, The Haunting of Hill House (2018), but Midnight Mass packs the intellectual feast of its devastating parody of religion.

Warning: spoilers ahead for the plot of Midnight Mass.

The Rise and Fall of Vampiric Christianity

Imagine what would happen if…

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Eric Sentell is a Christian who writes for “Backyard Church,” an admirable publication that criticizes appalling forms of Christianity from a more reasonable Christian perspective.

And Sentell is frustrated by atheists like me.

As Sentell writes in “Why Atheists and Theists Can’t Agree,” he suspects that atheists are just ill-disposed…

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If I told you I have a trillion dollars in my bank account, would you take my word for it or would you require some more evidence to back up my claim? Suppose I told you instead that I have a five-dollar bill in my pocket. …

Benjamin Cain

Knowledge condemns. Art redeems. I learned that as an artistic writer who did a doctorate in philosophy. We should try to see the dark comedy in all things.

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