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Here you can find any of my Medium articles at a glance. I’ve divided the series into categories and tried to order them logically, beginning each category with more general or primary writings or with ones that explore the historical background to the problems at issue. …

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Isn’t it paradoxical that wealthy countries are stockpiling Covid vaccines instead of donating them to poor countries, going as far as to throw away the expired ones rather than help end the pandemic by sending them abroad?

The US threw away fifteen million doses between March and September 2021. Thousands…

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A monumental transition happened when the subjects of feudal monarchies in Europe and its colonies were “liberated,” as we would say, by the capitalistic democracies that replaced them. These revolutions were enabled by the return of pagan humanism, and by the invocation of the individual’s worth.

Previously, under theocracies, Europeans…

Netflix’s “Hellbound”; image from IMDb

When I saw Mike Flannigan’s Midnight Mass (2021), I thought it was perhaps the most powerful sustained criticism of theistic religion I’ve seen in motion pictures. But Netflix has followed up that show with Hellbound (2021), a series that arguably makes for a more direct and powerful challenge to religion.

Arthur Brooks; image by Gage Skidmore, from Flickr

In an editorial for The Atlantic, Albert C. Brooks, the conservative professor of management practice at the Harvard Business School, former president of American Enterprise Institute, and author of The Road to Freedom: How to Win the Fight for Free Enterprise suggests, as he says in the title, that “The…

The ghosts of Christianity and Islam; image by Katerina Holmes, from Pexels

After all the scientific, philosophical, and liberal (capitalistic and democratic) emasculations of theistic religions and the modern dethronements of theocratic monarchies, the religious holdout has one showstopper in her back pocket, one face-saving, conversation-ending card to play.

The modern religious person can retreat to saying that her anachronisms are faith-based…

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I didn’t expect I’d be needing to write a follow-up article on Zulie Rane, the popular writer and YouTuber who specializes in explaining how to succeed as a freelance writer.

But it turned out there’s more to the story.

Zulie Rane’s Questionable Presumption

Earlier, I took issue with some advice she gave in a…

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Theists are often naturally confused about atheism because they’re predisposed to belittle and thus to misrepresent any threat to their core beliefs.

Yet those who aren’t religious can be confused about atheism too, not so much about the basics but about the philosophical implications of the world’s godlessness.

Reason and Modern Progress

Take, for…

Benjamin Cain

Knowledge condemns. Art redeems. I learned that as an artistic writer who did a doctorate in philosophy. We should try to see the dark comedy in all things.

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